The alternative for pure MoS2 (Molybdenum disulfide)

MIPO® is a Mixed Powder which is used especially as an additive for friction linings, lubricating greases, lubricating pastes, suspensions as well as for self-lubricating plastics. Its mission is to avoid annoying side effects like e.g. fading, jolting or noises when using the end product, and generally to improve its tribological attributes. MIPOs vary in composition depending on both, their end use and their base formulation as employed by our customers.


Applications in cold forging

Lubricants and especially solid lubricants (MIPOs, MoS2 etc.) are used for cold forging.

They are used as a separating agent in order to prevent cold forging. Thus, the parts can be removed fast from the mold after the forging process. None of the known soaps is able to absorb the arising pressures. This is why often molybedendisulfide powder (MoS2) ist used for this application.

The disadvantage of the MoS2: Molybedendisulfide is a natural product. Amongst others the digging in the mines and the limited availability on the global market are deciding for price and availability. For this reason, the ECCO Group has developed alternatives that have successfully proven themselves in the industry for years.


The MIPO® series

Cold forging generates high compressive forces that have an impact on the workpiece and the forging hammer / tools during the forging process. Cold forging is for example used to produce an aluminum bolt (or other metals) by plastic deformation of the metal at room temperature. For demolding several steps are necessary and often soft annealing in between the steps is needed. Usually cold forging molds are not as complex as mold for hot forging. In most cases edges will not occur but the deformed material has space to flow out of the cavity.

Almost 90 % of the cold forged pieces are parts for the automotive industry weighing 0.05 up to 15 kg. Before cold forging the parts have to be phosphated or roughened by sand blasting to make the solid lubricant combination stick better to the surface. The powder coating takes place in a drum process and the steal drum is added some powder.

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